What we do?

TIY Stuff

Indulge your Kids in some "Try-it-yourself stuff" where they can create some wonderful and usable items at home by using throw-away items primarily along with some in-expensive and easily available items in stores.

Art & Craft

The section focuses on art and craft related stuff. We have showcased only end products here for reference. In case your kid is an art or craft lover, you can ask them to pick any product and try to create one.

Random Clicks

As is quoted by Plato "Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder", this section is for all such beholders who capture the beauty in cameras and want to let the world know of their perspective. No personal pouts or poses but simple random clicks is what we are targeting at.


The section has stuff like poems and bed time stories for now. Parents can read the bed time stories and narrate to their kids in their own words at night. Poems are directly linked to kids and the focus is to motivate them for the good stuff that they can take up.


The section consists of worksheets for kids of all ages. Many verticals are targeted here to involve kids in better stuff than spending time on mobiles. These would help to increase their mind power, general knowledge along with being more analytical.